The Orchid Flotilla

The Orchid Flotilla is a tiny floating island of refuse, upon which a solitary woman scrounges for survival in a not-so-distant future. The orchids she tends become a metaphor for her own capacity for resilience and adaptation. Lurking below the water and eventually joining her on the craft are other characters in both human and object form. A visual theatre performance about the human capacity to overcome ecological disaster. Sophisticated contexts. Not for young children.

Written & Directed by Caroline Reck

Featuring Caroline Reck and Gricelda Silva

Original Composition by Adam Sultan,

Sound Design by K. Eliot Haynes

Lights by Megan Reilly

Scenic by Caroline Reck and Connor Hopkins

Shadow Puppetry by Erin Meyer

Vocal Performance by Chris Gibson.

Nominated for B. Iden Payne Awards for Outstanding Original Script, Production of a Drama, Lead Actress, Sound Design, Original Score, Scenic Design, Puppetry

Nominated for Critic’s Table Awards for Outstanding Theatrical Event and Lead Actress