Simple Sundries

Intrepid entrepreneur Constance is recently arrived in town in search of a more Authentic Lifestyle. Her plans to open an extravagant sundries shop in East Austin are thwarted by the former residents of her recently flipped bungalow, namely a colony of monk parakeets who have other plans for their longtime home. A comic exploration into the human folly of our collective actions as we face Austin’s current economic expansion and real estate explosion.

Featuring Parker Dority and Gricelda Silva

Written and with Puppets by Caroline Reck & Parker Dority

Direction & Scenic Design by Caroline Reck, 

Shadow Puppetry & Props Julia M. Smith  Sound Design by K. Eliot Haynes  Lighting Design by Stephen Pruitt  Costume Design by Lucie Cunningham  Technical Direction by Zac Crofford


Austin Puppet Incident – Salvage Vanguard Theater – Austin, TX (2013)  – Workshop

Salvage Vanguard Theater – Austin, TX (2015)

Winner Austin Critic’s Table Awards for Outstanding Lead Performance and Sound Design