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Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella Story, featuring Madison Palomo, is available online in June to Austin area families. There is a $10 per family charge to stream. Go HERE to purchase access through June 30th.

Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella Story con Madison Palomo tiene disponibilidad en línea todo el mes de junio, para las familias del área de Austin. Hay un cargo de $10 por familia. Vaya AQUÍ para comprar acceso hasta el 30 de junio.

The Story:

Ten-year-old Belinda loves to tell stories, but when she’s in the basement preparing for a party upstairs, she’ll have to get creative. Using everyday objects like teapots and napkins, Belinda recreates the classic tale of Cinderella. Glass Half Full Theatre from Austin, Texas, presents its award-winning “story within a story” using puppetry, Spanish, and English. As Belinda confronts her stepmother and stepsisters, she’ll learn to embrace her love of poetry and stand up for herself. This captivating Cinderella for all ages tackles cultural heritage, family, and the power of language. Most enjoyed by 5+

What to Expect:

This performance is approximately 50 minutes long and takes place in the basement.  Belinda is the only person who appears. She wears a grey hoodie with a red dress that comes to her knees over colorful leggings and silver flats. Her shoulder-length black hair is held away from her face with a white headband. Sometimes the voices of Belinda’s stepmother, her stepsisters (Reina and Preciosa), and Gary Soto (her favorite author) can be heard through the basement door. Belinda also talks to imaginary friends Gustavo, Ernesto, Hada Madrina, and Cenicienta who appear in the form of everyday objects.

The basement is full of things. Several baskets and large blue trunks, two black wire dress forms, a table with two lamps, a step stool, a pile of books, and two old suitcases are in a circle around the room. At the back, three wooden steps lead up to a dusty white door. A bright red sleeping bag is spread out in the middle of the floor.  Belinda uses what she finds around the basement and in the trunks and baskets to tell stories.  

Show History & Credits:

Cenicienta was originally created and presented at Zach Theatre in collaboration with Teatro Vivo and Glass Half Full Theatre. The role of Belinda was originated by Gricelda Silva. 


Written by Caroline Reck and Rupert Reyes

Original Music Composition by Ammon Taylor


The role of Belinda is performed by Madison Palomo


Offstage voice are performed by:

Gary Soto: Rupert Reyes

Stepmother: Caroline Reck

Reina: Lilli Lopez

Preciosa: Marina DeYoe-Pedraza


Directed by Caroline Reck

Lighting Design by Rachel Atkinson

Sound Design by Pete Martinez with additional sound and mixing by K. Eliot Haynes

Stage Management by Zac Crofford

Scenic, Costume, and Prop Design by Caroline Reck