Polly Mermaid: Apocalypse Wow!

A dark comedy for adult audiences featuring puppetry of objects, physical clowning, and trash art:  Just around a bend in spacetime, the Earth’s oceans overflow with garbage. It’s a plastic paradise for Polly Mermaid- the toxic mutant made from humanity’s mess.  When a brilliant scientist discovers a way to dispose of the dump, Polly must fight for the rights of the wasted. Witness a queer and spectacular showdown between a do-gooder and impending doom.

This is not a children’s puppet show. Sexy imagery and dialogue abounds.

Featuring Indigo Rael, Kate Taylor, Gricelda Silva, Marina De-Yoe Pedraza, Karina Dominguez, Kelly Hasandras and Sarah Danko

Written by Indigo Rael and Caroline Reck

Directed by Caroline Reck

Scenic by Indigo Rael & Caroline Reck  Puppets by Indigo Rael & Caroline Reck  Lighting by Rachel Atkinson  Sound by K. Eliot Haynes  Costume by Amy Waller  Technical Direction by Connor Hopkins  Music by Mother Falcon

Winner of B. Iden Payne awards for Outstanding Puppetry and Outstanding Ensemble Performance