Drawdown at the Global Arena!

“Drawdown at the Global Arena” is a One Act interactive stage event featuring WWF-inspired characters & puppets representing prominent solutions for Climate Change, in a battle for dominance against Mass Extinction.

Alternative Energy: She’s clean, she’s trendy, she’s cheaper than ever before.

The Resourcerer: The magician of Reuse! He’s concerned about where materials are coming from, and what happens to them after disposal.

Mad Cow: The vegan anarchist! He’s here to show how cultural shifts on a massive scale can reduce global carbon production.

RubberMan!: She’s here to fight for educating girls worldwide and to increase access to family planning.

And visiting from La Liga Lucha Libre, Carbon Capture‘s unsavory alliances with fossil fuel companies make everyone question which side he’s really on.

But they’ll all have to work together to defeat the ultimate combatant, Ms. Extinction. It’ll be tough to get her to even bother to fight back. All she has to do is sit around and wait for humanity to destroy itself. . .


Inspired by the book edited by Paul Hawken, Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming.

Performed in repertory with Once There Were Six Seasons at Dougherty Arts Center, Austin TX, Earth Day 2019, along with an interactive exhibit featuring Climate Change solutions, supported by the City of Austin Office of Sustainability.

Performed for Earth Day Celebration at EastSide Memorial High School, Austin TX.

Winner B. Iden Payne Award 2019 for Outstanding Flight Choreography