The Cucuy Project

 Jesus Valles and Gricelda Silva play undocumented Latin American siblings living in Texas in the apartment of their older cousin (Lori Navarrete). In the midst of sweeping ICE raids, the older brother turns to the Latino tradition of telling terrifying stories to children (to make them behave) to train his little sister on tactics to avoid immigration agents. (Stay hidden. Don’t speak. Don’t resist.) Left alone, the siblings apply everything they know about escaping the boogeymen of their imaginations to avoid the very real threat of ICE agents who intend to tear their family apart.

The cast is supported by a team of puppeteer/ actors (Indigo Rael, Marina DeYoe-Pedraza, and Connor Hopkins) who bring terrifying creatures from Latino storytelling tradition to life in this horror/ suspense live performance.

The Cucuy Project is a bilingual work devised by the director (Caroline Reck) and the cast.

Glass Half Full Theatre is working with folklorist Emily Socolov and various local groups that support the rights of immigrants and detainees to support our story-making.

The design team for this workshop includes K. Eliot Haynes, Rachel Atkinson, Caroline Reck, and Connor Hopkins. Stage Management by Zac Crofford