Yamel Cucuy is the story of a girl on the precipice of adulthood, contending with the physical and metaphysical violence of borders.  Yamel is hunted by immigration agents while haunted by specters from the folklore of her youth in Mexico.  On the shadowy frontier between worlds, she forges her own spirit of courage and wisdom, in the refusal to be “taken away,” either by legendary phantoms or agents of human law. Blending sophisticated puppetry with live actors, Yamel Cucuy draws upon frightening folk tales and modern horror movies to create a terrifying psychological landscape of pitfalls both legal and spiritual.  Created for adult audiences. Teens welcome. 


Featuring Gricelda Silva, Gustavo Martinez, Lori Navarrete, Tane Ward, Marina DeYoe Pedraza, Indigo Rael, and Connor Hopkins.  Directed by Caroline Reck, with original score by Paul Pinon.

Presented with generous  support from The Jim Henson Foundation, Mid-America Arts Alliance, Texas Commision on the Arts, National Endowment on the Arts, Awesome Foundation, Austin Community Foundation.