Don Quixote de La Redo

Don Quixote de La Redo is an original adaptation of Cervantes, set in an imagined future near the border between Texas and México in a place that used to be called “Laredo.” A pair of technicians assigned to assess the border wall encounter the lost stories of Don Quixote and strive to “re-do” them with regrettable and hilarious consequences. 

Don Quixote de La Redo debuted in February 2017 at The Mexican American Cultural Center with the support of the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department and a grant from the Jim Henson Foundation.

Created by and Featuring Gricelda Silva, Caroline Reck, Rudy Ramirez, Indigo Rael, and Marina DeYoe-Pedraza

Design by Taylor Juarez, Eliot Hayes, Caroline Reck, Taylor Harrison, Jennifer Davis & Rachel Atkinson

Stage Management by Stephanie Delk.

Recipient of a Jim Henson Foundation Workshop Grant 2017

B. Iden Payne Award nomination for Outstanding Puppetry