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Environmental Justice Performance from GHFT

Our creative work is driven by our fundamental belief that that nothing is “disposable.” Not commodities, not resources, and definitely not people.  Anything that is marketed as “convenient” only provides a semblance of convenience to the consumer, while creating many inconvenient by-products and side effects that negatively affect both frontline communities and (eventually) those same consumers who sought a moment of convenience through commodities.  The pernicious effect of convenience and disposability runs throughout our body of work.

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GLASS HALF FULL THEATRE is a contributor to the Green New Theatre document. Inspired by the tenants of the Green New Deal, GREEN NEW THEATRE is a movement-building document that outlines strategies, ideas, and principles that will help individual artists and arts institutions working in live performance change how they work in order to adapt in the face of the climate crisis. Click below to view the document, and connect to the community that is building this ongoing movement, guided by GROUNDWATER ARTS.