Proyecto Eco Ladrillos (The EcoBrick Project)

Ridgetop Elementary is teaming up with Glass Half Full Theatre to create EcoLadrillos (EcoBricks) to divert plastic waste from trash and recycling bins. EcoBricks are made from discarded plastic bottles, densely stuffed with soft plastics and metal-mixed plastics.  We will use the EcoBricks as building blocks for a student-led design project  in the campus garden. 

"Hi!  I'm Polly Mermaid. I'm from Away.  It's that place where you throw your garbage when you throw it 'Away' . . . .  Ok, you got me.  You're right. There is no place called "Away." So, when you are "throwing trash away," you are actually putting it SOMEWHERE.  And when you do that, it sets off a whole series of events and actions that we're going to talk about today."

Polly and her friend Basurana (Trash Frog) teach you all about the disposables cycle. The EcoBricks Project is available for school campuses & community centers who are ready to rethink their practices of waste disposal.

The EcoBrick Project Plan


Una carta a los padres de Ridgetop/A letter to Ridgetop Parents

Polly Mermaid in the Ecobricks All School Assembly