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Puppetry from GHFT

The company works in a range of world puppetry styles and often invent hybrid forms that fit the intention of the show.  Often the puppeteers are visible to the audience or interactive with the puppets. Styles include work for adults and children, featuring Tabletop, Body Puppetry, Hand and Rod, Tiny Puppets, Rod Marionette, Shadow, and Object Puppetry. 

“Puppetry is a rigorous art form that uses movement, timing, spatial relativity, scale, breath, and gravity to create a sense of visceral recognition in the gut of the audience. They can be beasts and spirits, inanimate forms made animate, ideas made manifest. They make use of scale in a way humans cannot; they can be large in one scene and tiny in the next, which effectively changes the dimensions of the stage. Puppets can fly, breathe underwater, grow onstage; they can vanish. They can be publicly incinerated, internally lit, transparent, and show that they have “no heart” by literally carving out the absence of a heart in their figure. They make costume changes in a flash (two different identical puppets). They evade the stereotypes of the traditional actor. A tiny female puppeteer can perform a giant puppet; an aging puppeteer can play a young hero. They are a democratic, constantly evolving, revolutionary art form that can take many shapes and forms and tell stories that are whimsical, or demonic, or profound.”

              -Caroline Reck, for Howl Round Theatre Commons