Educational Shows and Workshops


 Glass Half Full Theatre offers original bilingual performances and workshops in puppetry, with a focus on Latinx culture and environmental science.

We are on the Texas Touring Roster, so Texas schools and performance venues can apply for a TCA grant to cover 50% of the cost of a touring performance. 

The Deadline to apply for TCA funding is Nov 1 for Performances occurring December 15-March 14,  

and Feb 1 for Performances from March 15-June 14.


ON CAMPUS PERFORMANCE (Available January – June 2022)

The Global Arena” is a bilingual performance featuring Lucha Libre style wrestlers “Alternative Energy,” “Carbon Capture,” and “The Resourcerer”  battling to save the planet from pollution and climate change. Contact to book.

It is 30 minutes long and must be performed in an auditorium, gym, stage, or outdoor space with an audio system (video system and screen or large TV ideal but not required). Performers can perform masked. We have a K-5th version and a 6th-8th grade and beyond version.


AISD pricing for 2021/ 2022: $600 for one performance, $850 for two in the same day.



DIGITAL PERFORMANCE (Available September 2021 – June 2022)

“Trash Talks with Polly Mermaid” is an engaging video series featuring Polly (a plastic mermaid) and her friend Basurana (a frog puppet made from plastic trash) as they explore sustainable solutions to our current waste systems and single-use plastic. Polly tries to understand the human habit of discarding plastic in her ocean, and sets up a challenge to see whether humans can live with less single- use plastic.  This video series was originally created for 3rd-5th grade, but has been widely appreciated by kids as young as pre-K and up through middle school and beyond.


AISD Pricing for 2021/2022: $300 for full school viewing of the video series (featuring 3 ten minute videos plus optional worksheet activities). $50 for one classroom only, or $100 per grade level (up to three grade levels).



We offer customized puppetry workshops for schools, focused on literacy, story, and environmental science. Please contact us for more details: for details. Check out the free sample video below!